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. Mutual Information Divergence: A Unified Metric for Multimodal Generative Models. In NeurIPS (to appear), 2022.

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. Building a Role Specified Open-Domain Dialogue System Leveraging Large-Scale Language Models. In NAACL, 2022.

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. On the Effect of Pretraining Corpora on In-context Learning by a Large-scale Language Model. In NAACL, 2022.

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. Plug-and-Play Adaptation for Continuously-updated QA. In Findings of ACL, 2022.

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. Two-Step Question Retrieval for Open-Domain QA. In Findings of ACL, 2022.

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. GPT3Mix: Leveraging Large-scale Language Models for Text Augmentation. In Findings of EMNLP, 2021.

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. What Changes Can Large-scale Language Models Bring? Intensive Study on HyperCLOVA: Billions-scale Korean Generative Pretrained Transformers. In EMNLP, 2021.

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. Weakly Supervised Pre-Training for Multi-Hop Retriever. In Findings of ACL, 2021.

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. ST-BERT: Cross-modal Language Model Pre-training For End-to-end Spoken Language Understanding. In ICASSP, 2021.