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. NeuralWOZ: Learning to Collect Task-Oriented Dialogue via Model-Based Simulation. In ACL (to appear), 2021.

. Weakly Supervised Pre-Training for Multi-Hop Retriever. In Findings of ACL (to appear), 2021.

. ST-BERT: Cross-modal Language Model Pre-training For End-to-end Spoken Language Understanding. In ICASSP, 2021.


. ClovaCall: Korean Goal-Oriented Dialog Speech Corpus for Automatic Speech Recognition of Contact Centers. In Interspeech, 2020.

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. Efficient Dialogue State Tracking by Selectively Overwriting Memory. In ACL, 2020.

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. Large-Scale Answerer in Questioner's Mind for Visual Dialog Question Generation. In ICLR, 2019.

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. Answerer in Questioner's Mind: Information Theoretic Approach to Goal-Oriented Visual Dialog. In NIPS (Spotlight), 2018.

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. Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting by Incremental Moment Matching. In NIPS (Spotlight), 2017.

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. Dual-memory Neural Networks for Modeling Cognitive Activities of Humans via Wearable Sensors. Neural Networks, 2017.


. Multimodal Residual Learning for Visual QA. In NIPS, 2016.

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